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YA! Literary Magazine is a young adult literary magazine focusing on issues of diversity. Our magazine will publish works from and about people whose stories are typically overlooked and/or underrepresented by the current young adult publishing industry.
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Okay then, I’m gonna need this.


Okay then, I’m gonna need this.


For those who think books are boring


For those who think books are boring

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Andrew Hayes, Altered Books, 2013

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Fox chairman Kevin Reilly pleaded with critics not to judge the show based only on the first episode… “You know the lineage of these writers. They come out of Family Guy. They are the best writers. These guys are going to try to test a lot of boundaries. They are going to try to be equal-opportunity offenders.”

This term, “equal opportunity offender,” only comes up in the context of shows that are not funny. It sounds a lot less acceptable when you translate it into what it really means: “racist and belittling and obnoxious to everyone and everything,” as if comedy, unlike people, should not be discerning. Dads would be much better if it were an unequal opportunity offender, aimed at deserving targets, like, to name just four, the insufferable, mindlessly bigoted, poorly behaved guys at its center.


By Malinda Lo

Every January, the American Library Association releases the Best Fiction for Young Adults list. This list includes novels, short story collections, and novels in verse that were published in the past 16 months. These titles, according to the ALA, “are recommended reading for…

The book is still the most intelligent and interactive data retrieval system which has been devised.




Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider on Sexism and sexuality in games

“Are we requiring the female protagonist to work harder and sell more in order to prove herself?” asks Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider, in this GDC 2013 video about sexism and sexuality in games, free courtesy of GDC Vault.

In examining his own career, Gaider takes a brief look at how romantic characters evolved from Baldur’s Gate II to the Dragon Age series. While he recognizes not all games can or should be all things to all people, he believes the industry could be less dis-inviting of players who would otherwise be paying customers.

He urges those who choose to design minority characters to consider their roles and purpose in the game. Additionally, he suggests those of privilege to seek out possible groups affected by design choices and talk to them, or if security requires it not leave the office, to hire diversely. Their unique viewpoints, he said, should be considered “assets,” not “affirmative action.”

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I’m more than a little in love with the words coming out of this man’s mouth. 


Click through and watch the vid. :)  Good talk, sir. <3

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Interview with Holly Black and Sarah Reese Brennan on diversity and why you should never judge a book by the cover.


Good versus evil, a hero coming of age, wars, and sibling love — Star Wars is the play William Shakespeare never wrote. Fortunately, Ian Doescher rewrote the tale of the Jedi in iambic pentameter in William Shakespeare’s Star Wars. The best part is the book trailer, which features Shakespearean actors wielding lightsabers.


i made a direct indirect (indirect direct?) post about it here. u can also search the “oberyn martell” tag but i’m not gonna rehash any of it.

instead i’m going to add to it.

let me tell u a personal story about colorism

senior prom dress hunt is so stressful but also can be really fun. my mom took me to a dress shop one of her coworkers recommended we go to. parking was a pain so my mom dropped me off—-i entered the store first and she entered the store a few minutes later.

i’m black, m’kay? nigerian american to be exact. my dad was born in nigeria (ekiti state represent!!!!) and has REALLY dark skin, a wide nose, and full lips. handsome, IMO. when he was younger ppl used to mistake him for eddie murphy. we had this one picture of my dad holding me when i was 3 hanging on the wall when u walked into our old apartment. and ppl would stare at it and go, OMG IS THAT EDDIE MURPHY?! who the hell hangs personal photos of celebs on their walls tho??? i take after my dad in basically every way—-i’m a shade or two lighter than him but i still have deep brown skin, a wide nose, and full lips.

the only thing i got from my mom is her personality, lol. she identifies as black but she’s mixed race. my maternal grandfather was a black man born in panama (yes, my grandpa was afro-latino) and my grandma was mixed race black and french born in dominica (not to be confused with the dominican republic). my mother is significantly lighter than me (same tone as paula patton, tbh) with a slim nose, high cheekbones, and small lips—-classic eurocentric features. she’s also statuesque and at the time wore her naturally kinky hair relaxed straight and long.

i’m USED to ppl being confused when they see the two of us standing together and she calls me her daughter. their immediate look is but she doesn’t LOOK like ur daughter…

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Sooo, as people might have guessed by how many things like this I reblog, I really hate working in silence/”silence”! I tend to pick up on EVERY LITTLE NOISE unless I have some sort of constant nonsense sound drowning it out. Also I live in a house where conversation carries and I…